vhStressECG innovation 12 channel bluetooth stress test ecg for Mac OS

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vhStressECG is an all-new designed stress test system developed by Vales & Hills Biomedical Tech. Ltd.

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What is vhStressECG

vhStressECG is an all-new professional stress test ECG system based on Mac OS for clinical application, meticulously designed by Vales & Hills Biomedical Tech. Ltd. over a period of two years. vhStressECG is the first Mac OS based stress test system with user friendly interface developed by our company. Compared to previous Windows based stress test system, this software not only maintains the basic functions of stress test, but also greatly improves the interface and operation, greatly streamlins the working process and enriches user experiences.

vhStressECG Time Tracking

vhStressECG gives a time axis for the whole stress test process from pretest to recovery. The doctor can clearly see the time of each stage or level under preset stress protocol, whether the stage/level is past, current or oncoming.

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With the time axis, vhStressECG gives doctor an overview interface,which displays important information like ECG, HR, BPM, METs, ST,events, slope, speed, power etc. at each time point on one interface in an overall and intuitive way.

Software Screenshots

The operation logic vhStressECG  is simple and clear, making it easy to learn. 

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2022-12-23 10.40.24
2022-12-23 10.42.12
2022-12-23 10.42.17

Bluetooth connection

vhStressECG 1


vhStressECG adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which enables vhStressECG to connect to ECG acquisition box at the fastest speed, and makes sure the high speed and stable ECG signal transmission.

Meanwhile, the wireless Bluetooth connection between the ECG acquisition box and vhStressECG App on Mac greatly increases comfort for the patient and convenience for the operator.

Stylishly designed ECG device

vhStressECG works with a stylishly designed ECG device. 

The device not only has a smooth appearance and lines, but also comes in three fashionable colors to choose from: health green, emergency red and minimal grey.

vhStressECG 2



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