Portable 12 channel PC based ECG electrocardiogram machine with CE from China supplier

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Introducing the portable and highly efficient 12 channel PC-based ECG machine, the CV200. Designed and created by Vales & Hills Biomedical Tech. Ltd., this machine is exclusively made to take accurate measurements and recordings of a patient’s ECG, VCG and VLP. With the CardioView program installed, the CV200 provides essential measuring parameters required for analysis and diagnosis.

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12 Channel PC Based ECG

The 12 channel PC based ECG CV200 is a powerful electrocardiogram device that is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who demand accurate and reliable readings. This portable device is equipped with 12 leads and a powerful USB connection to your Windows PC that allows you to quickly and easily analyze recorded ECG data. What's more, the device is battery-free, so you don't need to worry about running out of power during an emergency.

Anti-defibrillation Supported ECG

With a built-in defibrillation resistor, this ECG machine works seamlessly with defibrillators, electric knives and other equipment that generate electromagnetic interference. This means that the CV200 ECG will not interfere with other medical equipment or distort the readings, ensuring that you get accurate and reliable results every time.

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CV200 -5
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ECG box with 10-lead cable

Extremity / Suction electrodes

USB Cable

Ground Cable


1. Is the ECG device for medial degree?

Yes, the CV200 is simultaneous 12 channel medical degree ECG device.

2. Does the ECG device have any quality certificate?

Yes, the CV200 ECG device is CE marked.

3.  What system does the ECG device works on?

It works on Windows system, including Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and Win 11

4.  Can the software export digital report?

Yes, beside printing, the software can export digital report in jpg as well.

5. You're manufacturer or treading company?

We are manufacturer. And we've been focusing on ECG products for 30 years.

6. Can you be our OEM manufacturer?

Yes, tell us your requirements, we can provide you solutions

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