iOS portable 12 channel bluetooth ECG iCV200(BLE) with telemedicine solution, SDK

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Wireless ecg for iOS is innovative generation in ecg field,compared with the classic ecg equipment,it is the first professional electro cardio gram (ECG) product developed on iOS portable device from Vales&Hills.Development in the demands of different markets,the functions of functions has been more and more perfect,and more and more users can be attracked by it.The model of the device is iCV200(BLE).Now these are many advantages for the device as below:

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Vales & Hills devolpoed an ECG network, vhCloud as ECG telemedicine solution for 12 channel bluetooth ECG for iOS. In vhCloud, you can be taken care of by a group of cardiology specialist from any place of the world. No matter where the patient is, no matter where the expert is, the vhCloud with mobile ECG device iCV200(BLE) at hand makes acquisition, measuring, diagnosing, clinical report and expert consultation possible.

vhCloud Solution


vhCloud is ECG network designed with Web Browser that integrates all functions in one server and it makes all applicable devices created equal. vhCloud enables diagnosis anytime anywhere

We have vhCloud builded on our server, the customer can rent the vhCloud service from us or buy the vhCloud system and build on customer's service.

SDK for customized App


We have developed vhECG Pro for this 12 channel bluetooth ECG on iOS.

We can provide SDK of vhECG Pro for customers who have requirement of system integration.

The SDK only is available for iOS;
The programing language is Objective C and Swift;

 SDK includes below function modules:

1. iCV200(BLE) scan
Scan iCV200(BLE) ECG device through Bluetooth, and perform callback delegate for the changed device.
2. iCV200(BLE) Connection
Connect to iCV200(BLE), send start or stop command, delegate to callback ECG data and device information.
3. Draw the real-time ECG
Demonstrate how to draw the real-time ECG. The user can develop its own ECGRealtimeView.
4. ECG Analyisis
Perform ECG measurements and give some possible interpretations that must be confirmed by the physician.
Other function modules the customers required can be packed as long as vhECG Pro be of the function

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