Android bluetooth ecg simultenaous 12-lead for multi medical functions

Short Description:

  • Model: iCV200
  • Lead: Simultaneous 12 channel
  • Coonective Way: bluetooth
  • System: Android based
  • Software Name: aECG
  •  Power Supply:  2*AA batteries
  • Certificate: CE
  • Product Detail

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    Know about the Android ECG device

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    The 12-lead ECG software can be installed on devices that support Android (for example, Huawei pad2). The data transmission between devices in the whole system adopts Bluetooth transmission mode. This mode of operation is compared with the traditional system consisting of a computer (desktop or notebook), a ECG acquisition box (with data cable), and a printer is smaller, more portable, and more flexible.

    The Features About the Device

    The device is an iCV200 model, and its intended application is in electromagnetic environments with limited radio frequency harassment. Based on the communication device's highest rated output power. The model of the device is iCV200, it is expected to be used in an electromagnetic environment where radio frequency harassment is controlled.Depending on the maximum rated output power of the communication device. The operation chart of 12-lead ecg for Android system as below:

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    The features about the Android ecg device:

    Model iCV200
    Lead Simultaneous 12 channel
    Coonective Way bluetooth
    System Android based
    Software Name aECG
     Power Supply  2*AA batteries
    Certificate CE


    The advantages of Android compared with others

    1,easy to use,ecg collection rapid,emailing and printing functios so on
    2,automatically interpretation&measurements
    3,bluetooth transmission stable
    4,Patient data protection security
    5,simultenaous 12-lead
    6,smart & portable design
    7,batteries power supply
    8,network service support(option)

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    Specification of device

    Sampling Rate A/D: 24K/SPS/Ch
    Recording: 1K/SPS/Ch
    Quantization Precision A/D: 24Bits
    Recording: 0.9µV
    Common Mode Rejection >90dB
    Input Impedance >20MΩ
    Frequency Response 0.05-150HZ
    Time Constant ≥3.2Sec
    Maximum Electrode Potential ±300mV
    Dynamic Range ±15mV
    Defibrillation Protect Build-in
    Data Communication Bluetooth
    Communication Mode Stand-alone
    Power 2×AA Batteries
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    The unit package of device

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    The weight of ecg recorder

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    The Size of unit package

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