IOS Bluetooth Ecg Device Sparkles in Medica Fair Asia 2022

MEDICA FAIR ASIA 2022 is the 14th edition -3-day exhibition in Marina Bay Sands,Singapore and with a-week online digital extension.This is new experience,that will ensure all exhibitors and visitors can continue doing business with the target customers and audience,even can be net working for communication easy.

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Why we want to choose this exhibition?In fact,due to the convid-19,our company Vales&Hills Biomedical Tech Ltd didn’t dispatched our worker to attend this exhibiton on site,we found the exhibition representative to attend it on behalf of our company,we looked forward to know the Singapore market and entry the market,that’s our goal.What’s more,this exhibition focus on hospital,diagnostics,pharmaceutical,medical&rehabilitation equipment&supplies,it still captures the latest medical technology and innovations,the exhibitors and visitors can get the best business opportunities in this region.

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In this exhibition,we showed our wireless ecg device for iOS in our booth,and it brought high exposure rate and vistors’ focus,also attacked business cooperation from some technology companies for further business negotiation.With our exhibition representative’s help,the face-to-face business talking,we got some important informations of different company or target customers.At the same time,we know our iOS Bluetooth ecg device can be suitable in current market,this will be an opportunities for us to entry the Singapore market and these markets of South-East Asia.

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This device made high impression for many visitors in our booth,they plainted why they don’t know it before,that’s good and pleasant episode,and it gave us high encourage to develop this market now and in future.So we decided to take part in the exhibition in 2024,and to prepare more for this coming exhibition,we believe we can grasp the business opperatunity and promote our ecg device in Singapore msrket and other countries markets,then we look forwards to the next meeting and sparks can burn up the flame of business friendship with all visiors.

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Post time: Feb-22-2023